Job Reference Check

Our experts contact your references as an employer would, and report the results to you.

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Cease & Desist Letter

When you need more than a polite request to get a past employer to stop damaging your reputation.

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Background Check

Find out what potential employers might see if you are subject to a background check.

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Nationally Recognized Job Reference Checking And Background Checks For Over 30 Years

Allison & Taylor has over thirty years of experience in professional reference checking cease and desist letters and detailed employment verifications you can trust. Our reference checking services have been nationally recognized on,, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal,, Glamour Magazine, New Woman Magazine, Worth Magazine, The Detroit News, and The St. Petersburg Times just to name a few!

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Our job reference checking offers an accurate way to confirm that these job references will enhance your chances, rather than stand in your way of securing the position you desire. One of the most common reasons job seekers are rejected for positions today is due to bad job references from their former employer.

Employee Background Checks can help job candidates get hired or promoted. Job applicants and existing employees can be asked to provide background checks. For some jobs, employee background screening is required by federal or state law. Allison & Taylor has experience in conducting extensive employee background checks that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.